What is Email Signature?


In a professional business, effective email signatures with clickable links are brilliant ways to combine a trusted mode of communication and marketing campaign messaging. The email signature is a block of text that is usually placed at the end of an email and contains information about your company like contact details, your position, and professional photo.

The main reason why businesses use email signatures is to provide potential prospects with personal information. Except for contact details, it may include:

  • Social media accounts,
  • Website or app link,
  • Company’s main info,
  • Banners and your logo.

The design of the email signature should be created in such a way that it would lead to a response from clients. Nowadays, the e-signature is considered as one of the marketing tools that startups use to increase customer conversion and retention rates.

Features of an Email Signature

Because the email signature is not just a piece of contact information but a crucial email marketing tool, it is important to pay attention to its design. Moreover, it may simply influence your success rates. Recent reports show the marketing team can achieve click-through rates as high as 15% from call-2-action banners placed below coworkers signatures.

So, what does an email signature really consist of? The most important key features of all email signatures include the following:

  • Your name and position,
  • The name of your business,
  • Short description of your business,
  • Most important contact details,
  • The logo of your business,
  • Social media icons to promote your accounts,
  • Links to fresh content on your blog,
  • A simple call-to-action.

Many startups and business gurus know how important to have a solid online presence. Therefore, it’s important to invest time, energy and money into having a professional email signature - a very useful marketing tool.

Advantages of Using an Email Signature

Whether you are a startup business or already a well-established enterprise, using email signatures can benefit your marketing strategy. Here are some of the benefits that come with using it in your business:

  • It works as a marketing tool that can allow you to reach out to many people,
  • It makes it easier for prospects to find information about your business,
  • It shows that you are a professional in every sense,
  • It serves as a business card, allowing people to contact you easily.
  • It increases the brand awareness of your business.

Creating the email signature is not a complex process as it may take you just a few minutes. However, if it seems a difficult process to create one on your own, you may use free online templates that are provided by websites like NEWOLDSTAMP. With a wide variety of templates to choose from, you can create a unique and professional email signature for your business.

By applying a branded company email signature template in your corporate email, you will see how it can improve your email click-through rates. Therefore, when designing the signature try to keep it as simple and professional as possible. Here are a few tips that will help you to create an effective email signature for your business.

1. Contact info

Give only the basic contact information first, such as your name, the name of your business, phone number and social media profiles. Using social media icons saves you a lot of space and also gives your e-signature a more professional look.

Avoid listing all your contact information in your signature. Adding all your contact information makes the email signature look less attractive and can be confusing for clients.

Another key point to remember concerning the signature is the information about your company. Just briefly explain what your company is all about. Clients don’t want to take a long time reading your description.

2. Logo

Your logo says a lot about your business and thus should be included in every e-signature. The logo helps clients to identify your brand and it is a great way of making your block unique.


The colors of your signature block should correspond to a corporate style. For example, you can create some templates for a newsletter, and add aesthetic images or graphics like in the example below:

3. A simple call-to-action

This is one of the most important parts of an email signature. A call-to-action is a way of promoting your business. You can invite clients to:

  • View fresh content on your blog,
  • Visit a webinar or conference,
  • Participate in free consultations,
  • Try a new product,
  • Take part in a poll.

4. Design

Even though you want your e-signature to reflect the image of your business, do not go overboard when it comes to the design. Remember that in all things simplicity is the best. Use the same font throughout so that you can achieve a professional design.

Colors are also important. The maximum number of colors you should use is two, one for the background and the other for your branding. Don’t use conflicting colors, such as two bright colors. Instead, go for a grey or white background and a brighter color for your brand.

5. Spacing

Like a website, the spacing is important in your email signature. Try to break every part of your e-signature as much as possible so that clients will find it easier to go through the information you are passing across. When everything is clustered in one corner it becomes difficult to figure out what you are trying to tell customers. Make sure the most crucial information is written first.

6. Mobile friendly

Most people prefer opening their email from mobile devices. According to Statista, the number of emails opened on mobile devices in the UK increased from 27% to 47.42% in 2017. We can clearly tell that more people would rather open emails from their mobile devices instead of using desktops.

That is why you should create the email signature that is mobile friendly. This means it can be scaled on a mobile device and buttons should be easy to click. Clients may not even read emails that are not scaled to suit mobile devices.

Ready to Take the Big Step for Your Next Venture?

Now, you can take a few minutes and create an elegant and professional email signature for your business. You will have a great looking branded signature, complete with clickable links, a clean layout, photo or your logo. Remember to keep it simple and provide only the most important information that clients need. And make sure your signature is consistent across all platforms.



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